Seven Stars Martial Arts Association White Crane Tai Chi Master McKinney
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  Based on the Wirral in Merseyside,England. White Crane Taijiquan Association est.1987 is the Tai Chi section of prestigious Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.
Founder & Chief Instructor Master Brian McKinney .We have as one of our sections - Wirral Tai Chi Association est. 1978
We have a proven and well documented history and an excellent reputation having taught thousands of students over the yers.
We teach Tai Chi for Health,Sport and Combat.

Health -
We have taught the young, teaching in most schools on Merseyside. We have taught the elderly in many locations. We pioneered Tai Chi for special needs, teaching in colleges and even establishing a Tai Chi programme in Walton Hospital Pain Relief Unit, the first time Tai Chi was used in a hospital in Britain.

Sport -
We pioneered Tai Chi for Sport in Britain by partaking in one of the first British Championships in 1990 run by the BCCMA. In that competition we won ten gold medals, seven silver and three bronze. Winning British Tai Chi gold,silver and bronze and the same in Tai Chi sword plus Junior Tai Chi Champion.

Combat -
We pioneered The Combat aspect of Tai Chi and were featured in Fighters magazine in 1998 demonstrating this aspect.
  White Crane demo at Burton Manor  
Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B was one of the very first chinese martial arts associations to be formed in Britain and was and is a pioneer of Wushu and Tai Chi in Great Britain to this day. It is authorised and supported by the foremost Tai Chi authorities in P.R.China.

Under the wing of White Crane Taijiquan Association G.B. Are several local Tai Chi Associations. These include Wirral Tai Chi Association which was was formed in 1978, its sister associations including…Liverpool Tai Chi Association, Chester Tai Chi Association, Lancashire Tai Chi Association (Ormskirk) and Welsh Tai Chi Association. These associations ran successfully for many years and although some of them are now dormant, they are still managed and owned by Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.

White Crane Taijiquan Association G.B. is based at Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy in Eastham on the Wirral Peninsular, Merseyside. It is part of Seven Stars Martial Arts Association.
We run several classes per week both daytime and evening. Beginners are always welcome to join us and try Tai Chi.